We can make orthotics to suit your lifestyle, whether it be for work, sports or every day use we have you covered.


Orthotics are only part of the overall equation. Fitting the patient with the proper orthopedic footwear will only enhance the function of the orthotic, and therefore provide additional comfort and relief. Our clinic has access to off-site footwear, found here.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are integral to the overall health of the lower limb. Patients who can benefit from compression therapy may experience any of the following conditions:

We have certified fitters who will ensure the proper fit and therefore the overall compliance of the garment. Our goal it to keep you healthy and moving!

Orthopedic bracing

Whether it be a sports injury or on-going wear and tear (osteoarthritis), bracing will help promote healing and keep you active. We provide various types of bracing for the wrist, elbow, back, knee, and ankle. Our fitters will measure and fit you with the appropriate brace to reduce pain, heal affected area, and keep you moving!